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Monday, November 19, 2012

Learning English with the American Election

A few weeks ago I asked my students, all 7th graders in a regular school, to make their own posters using the 'Election vocabulary' we had previously studied. In order to do that, they had to choose their own candidate (a celebrity but not a politician), a name for his/her party and a slogan for their campaign.

It was a very simple but funny task and the kids really enjoyed it. Moreover, they could learn a bit more about the American elections as all the "Obama Vs Romney" hype was going on at that moment.

Would you vote for any of these candidates? Maybe Einstein could be a good choice...

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  1. GREAT job, Jean. Hope you've saved your students'posts.
    In my class it was: Learning Portuguese Election Vocab with Jean's post.
    You have interesting materials for a TESOL Poster Session,Jean.Are you interested in it?

    1. Thanks, Bené! Every now and then I try to do something different and I'm glad when it works, so why not sharing?

      About the TESOL, it sounds good. Unfortunately I couldn't keep the students' posters and I gave them back to the kids.

      That's why I took the pics (using the iPod from the program, which can be REALLY handy!)....

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I mentioned Poster Session. What is it? "It allows for short,informal discussions with other about activities successfully used in one's classes."(TESOL)How does it work? Only one big room where all presenters stay next to their Poster. Others walk around and ask questions about the Posters they're interested in. It lasts one hour and it's usually at lunch time (12:30 - 1:30.If you're interested, you can think about the 2014 TESOL in Portland-Oregon and apply for a scholarship (no more time to apply for the 2013 one in Dallas).